A riding holiday for the whole family

Riding lessons at the Children’s Hotel Felben in Mittersill

The cowboy and Indian experience! At the Children’s Hotel Felben we offer professional riding tuition not just for children from the age of 5, but for mum and dad as well. So, saddle up and off you go!

Our ponies and Haflinger horses are the ideal choice for first time riders and young children. Our certified riding instructor Michael has the necessary patience and enthusiasm to bring out the best in every rider and to teach you how to handle horses and ponies properly right from the start. Regardless of whether children are taking their first lessons or experienced riders go on an accompanied trekking tour through the beautiful countryside of Mittersill, spending time on horseback is for many a dream come true. And don’t worry about the equipment, we have everything you need including helmets and back protectors.

Improves balance and coordination

Our certified riding instructor Michael also uses special riding pedagogic techniques in a fun and relaxed way to improve physical, emotional and social competence of even the youngest riders. The abbreviation for this pedagogic riding therapy is FEBS:

  • Fantasie - Imagination
    The playful atmosphere allows children to slip into a world of their own while on horseback. The horse becomes their friend, protector, playmate and companion.

  • Erlebnis - A new experience
    Children learn and understand how to treat another living creature properly – they literally feel the fascination of the animal.

  • Bewegung - Movement
    With and on the horse, children experience new forms of motion – not competitive in any way but a kind of movement that they experience with all their senses which in turn improves balance and a feeling of security.

  • Spiel - Play
    Children learn to interact with the animal in a playful way and become one with the horse.

A riding holiday at the Children’s Hotel Felben is an unforgettable experience. A non-binding enquiry is the easiest way to secure the ideal location for your family holiday in Salzburg County.


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