Harvesting the hay like in the olden days

  • Thursday
  • For all children together with the child-minders 
  • Everyone gets a chance to use the scythe (toghether with the child-minders) 
  • The fresh grass is raked together 
  • The kids help to hang the hay on the haystack 
  • The hay from the previous week is then fed to the animals 

This activity gives the kids the chance to experience how farmers used to harvest hays in days gone by. Everyone shoulders a rake and makes their way to the hay fields. While having fun and getting dug into the work, kids can learn what hard work it is mowing with the scythe (naturally with the help of the child-minders) and how important a continuous food chain for the animals is. Once the new hay has been stacked the hay from the previous week is then fed to the animals.

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