Pony trip

  • Wednesday
  • Trip for the whole family
  • On tour with ponies, carriages, tractor and golf-carts 
  • Sizzling sausages over the camp fire
  • Discover and explore the pond and its inhabitants 
  • Riding and driving fun for every child 

This is definitely the weekly highlight on the farm, even for kids who stay with us regularly. We head off to our bar-b-q area in the woods with a horse-drawn carriage, tractor, golf carts and our ponies. So that each child gets a chance to ride everything, we make regular swapping stops. Fun is also had by the mums and dads who get to steer the golf-carts. 

The jolly journey takes around 45 minutes and when we get to the bar-b-q clearing, we light the camp fire, stick the sausages on sticks and get ready to sizzle them over the fire.  Kids love spending time by the camp fire and exploring the woods with its natural pond full of exciting creatures to discover. Having eaten and explored we then set back to the hotel in the same manner we came.

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