Summer activities

Raft ride on the mountain lake

  • For the whole family
  • Excursion to Lake Elisabeth in the Mittersill Felbertal
  • Raft ride on the approx. 0.8 meter deep lake
  • Discovering and exploring a mountain cave
  • Refreshment snack

Together with the supervisors we set off for the Felbertal and then hike to the Elisabethsee, a crystal clear mountain lake in the Hohe Tauern National Park. And then off on our raft! But don't worry, the lake is cold, but only 80 cm deep, so even the youngest children can get on board. After the tour we will have a snack with sausage and bread and afterwards we will discover and explore a cave together, where it is pleasantly cool even in the middle of summer. Adventure for young and elderly!

The mini-maintenance men

  • For all children together with Baby-Günter
  • Checking over all the apparatus in the playground
  • Hammering in nails and general handy-work
  • Cleaning the signs
  • Repairing things can be fun!

When something needs repairing, who do we call? Baby-Günter of course, because he is a master of all trades. Günter is always happy when he has help from his mini-maintenance men. The tasks range from mending a fence with hammer and nail, repairing a bike chain or tightening various nuts and bolts. This work is really important and everything needs to be checked, maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Of course Günter shows his helpers exactly how to use the tools.

Tractor trip into the woods

  • For all children
  • Tractor trailer ride
  • Nature hunt
  • Exploring the forest
  • Making collages out of the natural things we find

The ride into the woods on the tractor trailer is a great event its own right for children of all ages in. Having arrived in the neighbouring forest we go in search of wild animals and plants. Who knows what yellow wood sorrel is? What do the birds in the forest build their nests with? How many legs does a spider have? Which pieces of moss, wood and plants can we use to make natural pictures back at the hotel?

Harvesting the hay like in the olden days

  • For all children together with the child-minders
  • Everyone gets a chance to use the scythe (toghether with the child-minders)
  • The fresh grass is raked together
  • The kids help to hang the hay on the haystack
  • The hay from the previous week is then fed to the animals

This activity gives the kids the chance to experience how farmers used to harvest hays in days gone by. Everyone shoulders a rake and makes their way to the hay fields. While having fun and getting dug into the work, kids can learn what hard work it is mowing with the scythe (naturally with the help of the child-minders) and how important a continuous food chain for the animals is. Once the new hay has been stacked the hay from the previous week is then fed to the animals.

Outdoor water games

  • On hot and sunny days as part of the children’s programme
  • Splish, splash and live it up
  • Fun active games

Great fun for children big and small with our water games in the playground! Whether sprays, water bombs or water wheels, we set up everything that is fun and might cool you down on a hot summer day. Splash around and have fun.

In search of gems

  • Trip for the whole family
  • We visit an Alpine lake in the Hohe Tauern National Park
  • Hammer and protective glasses are provided for every child
  • The search for “precious”  souvenir stones begins

This excursion takes us to a nearby Alpine lake in the local Hohe Tauern National Park in search of fascinating stones and “gems”. Each child is given a rock hammer and protective glasses and can head off in search of glistening crystals and fossils. While the kids are happy hammering away at rocks, parents can enjoy the magnificent surrounding countryside and scenery. And for the very brave, there’s the opportunity to take a quick dip in the icy waters of the mountain lake. Of course kids can take their very best finds home with them as a souvenir.

Tractor cleaning

  • Included in the children’s programme
  • including a little trip with the tractor

Tractors are always dirty to the edges – that’s why they need cleaning! Washing it together is of course more fun and the subsequent little tour with the sparkling clean tractor is even more rewarding.

Sport and active party

Pony riding

Tractor tour

Tinker with forest treasures

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