Activities with animals

Saddle dwarf 3 to 5 years

  • Introductory courses for children from the age of 3 – 5 years of age
  • Free rental of helmets and safety vests
  • wo qualified riding instructors
  • mall groups of maximum 2 children
  • Behaviour around horses, arm and leg coordination are practiced
  • Exercises with and on the horse

In our “Riding Kindergarten” our very young guests can discover the joys of riding. They can take their first steps towards a lasting relationship with horses and learn the basics of riding.

In groups of maximum 2 children the kids can learn how to groom and saddle a horse and prepare it and themselves to ride. A special child-friendly course helps the minis to get their arms and legs correctly poised, the right position in the saddle is trained and the kids learn how to lead the horse in a friendly and fun way. The kids interconnect with the horses both physically and emotionally and get to know and develop their own physical and mental strengths.

Riding courses from 5 years

  • For kids from the age of 5 upwards and adults
  • Free rental of helmets and safety vests
  • Two qualified riding instructors
  • Riding on the longe line, individual or group courses and hacks
  • Learn the right riding postures, riding techniques and grooming

At the Children’s Hotel Felben a child’s happiness is often found in the saddle of a pony. The youngsters can start with a beginners’ lesson on the longe, where the correct posture, the basics of handling a horse and arm and leg coordination are learned and practiced. For more experienced riders we offer riding lessons in groups (25 or 50 minutes). Individual lessons are also possible who have specific areas of their riding technique that they would like to train. For advanced riders we also organise accompanied hacks through the surrounding countryside where the freedom of riding can be experienced to the full.

Feeding the animals

  • For all children together with the child-minders
  • Feeding all the animals on the farm

This activity gives children a close-up, hands-on insight into the life and work on a farm.  Under the motto “many hands make light work”, the kids help Farmer Toni with the daily care of the animals . From the cows and ponies to the smallest farm inhabitants, the rabbits and the guinea pigs, they all need to be fed – not to forget the alpacas, goats and sheep – the kids make sure that every animal on the “Felbermeilinger Farm” gets its fair share.

Helping out in the stables

  • For all children together with our child-minding staff
  • Mucking out the rabbit and guinea pig hutches
  • eeding all the animals

There’s always plenty to do on a farm, it’s important that our animals are happy so keeping everything clean for them and making sure they have enough to eat is a full-time job. That’s why we invite all the children to help Farmer Toni, together with the child-minding staff, with his daily duties. The ideal task for our young helpers is cleaning the hutches and laying out fresh straw for the rabbits and guinea pigs. Afterwards, the children get the chance to feed and stroke all our four-legged friends. This is a great way to introduce children to the world of animals and show them how they are taken care of properly.

Taking the goats for a walk

  • For all the children together with the child-minders
  • Going on a walk where the dwarf goats are the stars of the show
  • Kids can take the goats out onto the meadow on a leash
  • Suitable grazing spots are found
  • Then the goats are brought back to the stables

To ensure that our goats get enough exercise, we ask the kids staying at the Children’s Hotel Felben to take the goats for a walk. It’s always great fun and sometimes not clear for onlookers if the children are taking the goats for a walk, or if it’s not the other way around. Having arrived at the meadow, the trick is to find the right feed for the goats. When the goats decide they’ve had enough, then the entourage heads back to the stables.

Pony trip

  • Trip for the whole family
  • On tour with ponies, carriages, tractor and golf-carts
  • Sizzling sausages over the camp fire
  • Discover and explore the pond and its inhabitants
  • Riding and driving fun for every child

This is definitely the weekly highlight on the farm, even for kids who stay with us regularly. We head off to our bar-b-q area in the woods with a horse-drawn carriage, tractor, golf carts and our ponies. So that each child gets a chance to ride everything, we make regular swapping stops. Fun is also had by the mums and dads who get to steer the golf-carts.
The jolly journey takes around 45 minutes and when we get to the bar-b-q clearing, we light the camp fire, stick the sausages on sticks and get ready to sizzle them over the fire.  Kids love spending time by the camp fire and exploring the woods with its natural pond full of exciting creatures to discover. Having eaten and explored we then set back to the hotel in the same manner we came.

Getting to know our animals

  • Weekly event included in the children’s programme
  • Visit the animals in the barn and in the pets’ corner Clara’s Ark
  • Information on the correct handling of animals

Together with our supervisors, your children may explore the stables of the cows and horses, our stalls animal hutches in Clara’s Ark and the hutches of our rabbits and guinea pigs. Even the youngest guests are playfully introduced to the correct and loving treatment of farm animals and may, of course, also stroke them.

Sandcastle construction for guinea pigs

  • included in the children’s programme
  • In the roofed sandpit in the playground

Our guinea pigs need some action, which is why we will construct a sandcastle in the sandpit for them. Together with our child carers we build great tunnels, paths, and corridors. Our guinea pigs can really let off steam here and it’s great fun for all kids!

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