Taking the goats for a walk

  • Wednesday
  • For all the children together with the child-minders 
  • Going on a walk where the dwarf goats are the stars of the show
  • Kids can take the goats out onto the meadow on a leash 
  • Suitable grazing spots are found 
  • Then the goats are brought back to the stables 

To ensure that our goats get enough exercise, we ask the kids staying at the Children’s Hotel Felben to take the goats for a walk. It’s always great fun and sometimes not clear for onlookers if the children are taking the goats for a walk, or if it’s not the other way around. Having arrived at the meadow, the trick is to find the right feed for the goats. When the goats decide they’ve had enough, then the entourage heads back to the stables. 

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