Winter activities

Ski course for beginners

  • Monday till Thursday (mornings) 
  • For children of 2 years and older  
  • With experienced ski instructors 
  • On the ski slope with magic carpet lift right next to the hotel 
  • Ski equipment hire incl. helmet is included in the  course price 
  • Certificate and medal for every participant 

Let’s go skiing – and to do that, all we have to do is step outside the hotel. Kids from the age of 2 (at least show size 25) can discover the joys of skiing. The facilities at the Children’s Hotel Felben are ideal for even the smallest children to take their first steps on skis. On the gentle ski hill right next to the hotel there is a magic carpet ski lift which means that the kids can get to the top of the slope again after every run with ease. The ski course takes place from Monday to Thursday, from 9:45 to approx. 12 noon. Because we start with the basics on Monday and gradually increase the pace, it is important the kids take part in the course right from the start and continue on to Thursday – this guarantees the best possible results. Of course we provide the equipment needed (skis, ski boots and helmets). On the last day of the course the kids get the opportunity to show off what they have learned and are each presented with a certificate and medal by Clara Clover, the hotel mascot.

Pony riding in winter

  • Monday to Saturday event included in the children’s programme
  • Either in the paddock or in the covered riding arena
  • Free for all children

Horseback riding can also be great in wintertime! Our daily pony riding activities are great fun even for the little ones and during the cold months of the year.

Sledging trip to the Wildkogel

  • For the whole family (for children of around 5 years and older) with Baby Günter 
  • 14 km of natural toboggan run fun – the longest in the world  
  • Free sledge hire
  • Free helmets for children

Fun and action for the whole family is had on our sledging trip to the Wildkogel natural toboggan run. We make the ascent to the top of the run, at about 2,100 metres above sea level, with the “Smaragdbahn” cable car in Bramberg.  From here the longest natural, flood-lit toboggan run in the world starts – 14 kilometres of adrenaline-packed fun right back down to the valley. Tobogganers cover an amazing altitude difference of 1,300 meters in around 30 – 50 minutes. Of course we provide sledges and children’s helmets for this trip free of charge.

Animal track hunt

  • For all children, accompanied by our childminding staff 
  • Search for and identify animal tracks
  • Understanding how animals survive the winter 
  • Feeding the wild animals 

We head into the neighbouring woodland in search of animals tracks. With the help of our staff your children can become animal tracking experts. Who can identify the animal tracks in the snow? What is the difference between the tracks of a hare and a deer? Do birds also leave prints in the snow? And, because the animals are usually hungry in the winter, we bring them something to eat. This is a great winter excursion for our young trackers.

Building castles in the snow

  • For all children together with the child-minders 
  • In the hotel’s playground

Ski-suites, hats and gloves are the only equipment needed for snow castle building and the playground right next to the hotel is the perfect building site. „Snow architects“ of all ages can get stuck into the task of building the most impressive castle, igloo or cave.

Building a snowman

  • For all children, accompanied by our child-minding staff 
  • In the hotel’s own playground 

In winter there’s more than about skiing. The kids also can have a lot of winter fun with building a snow man. Of course it’s more fun if everybody works together. Who knows – maybe we get a whole snow man family? We prettify the snow men also with food-coloring. Which snow-man has the most colorful dress?

Rubber dinghy rides

  • For kids of 2 and half years and older together with the child-minders
  • Or a special activity for children of 7 years and older in the evenings 
  • The dinghy is pulled across the snow-covered fields by a tractor

This is a rubber dinghy ride of a completely different kind! Anyone can go on a rubber dinghy ride in the summer, here at the Children’s Hotel Felben we prefer to go on a dingy slide in the winter – great outdoor winter fun.  

Tobogganing competition

  • weekly event as part of the children’s programme
  • Down the toboggan hill right next to the playground

Put on your ski suits, hats, and gloves and off we go to our tobogganing Olympics – it’s the taking part that counts. Fun and action in the snow on the tobogganing hill directly next to the hotel playground.

Family torch-lit winter hike

  • Weekly event included in the animation programme
  • Evening excursion for the whole family
  • In and around the village of Felben

The flickering flames of the torches aren’t just for romantics. The hike by torchlight in and around the village of Felben is great fun for young and old alike. Let’s hope for snowfall, as it’s the most beautiful weather for this walk.

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