Pool party

  • For children from the age of 7 and over
  • Evening event included in the animation programme
  • Water action for good and experienced swimmers

Nothing for landlubbers! Experienced swimmers will have a marvellous time with fun swimming and diving games.

Golf cart driver’s license

  • For children from the age of 7 and over
  • Part of the animation programme
  • Entertaining driving exercises and tasks with an electric golf cart

Who can judge space and speed the best and who will stand out as the most skilled driver? All children from the age of 7 and over may test their driving skills on a track on hotel the grounds. Of course, everyone will receive a special “golf cart driver’s license”.

Making ice cream sundaes

  • For children from the age of 7 and over
  • included in the children’s programme

Create and enjoy colourful ice cream sundaes; whether with gelati, ice cream, or water ice – a homemade sundae always tastes great! All children from the age of 7 and over may put together ‘their own’ special ice cream cups with colourful sprinkles, fruits, and waffles together with our child carers. Join and nibble along with us!

Cocktail mixing and campfire

  • For children from the age of 7 and over
  • included in the children’s programme
  • mix your own non-alcoholic cocktails
  • afterwards we meet at the campfire in the playground

Shake and stir! Children from the age of 7 and over can mix their own non-alcoholic cocktails together with our child carers true to the motto: “colourful is delicious”. Limitless combinations of flavours and colour creations. Your self-mixed cocktail tastes best around the evening campfire in the playground.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood
For children of 7 years and older (without parents)
A fascinating excursion into the woods
A base camp is set up and wigwams constructed

This activity is reserved for the “older” kids. Today’s Robin Hoods “ride” into the nearby forest on golf-carts.  Together we set up base camp and build wigwams with natural materials provided by Mother Nature.  Each week the camp is developed and adapted. With self-made bows and arrows we practice our hunting skills. When we return to the hotel, we ambush the reception and naturally make rich pickings.

Build a dam

  • For kids of 7 years or older (without parents) 
  • We drive with the golf-carts to a nearby stream 
  • We build a natural dam with stones, moss and sticks 
  • We construct water channels experiment with irrigation

This is a “learning by doing experience” that kids love and many of today’s mums and dads enjoyed doing in their childhood. We set off to a nearby stream in the golf-carts. The first task is to collect all the natural materials that can be used for the construction of the dam. The kids have great fun building small dams, digging water channels and finding out how they can influence the water flow. This can be a wet and mucky business, waterproof trousers and wellies are recommended.

Conjuring school

  • For children from the age of 7 and over
  • try out magic as part of the children’s programme
  • 2 course units
  • Certificate for all “sorcerer’s apprentices”

All children from the age of 7 and over may learn great tricks in our magic school. A little skill and a bit of practicing in our course units – and the little sorcerer’s apprentices can show off their magic in front of an audience. Of course, the magic case is included in the course price so that nothing stands in the way for further performances at home!

Summer curling

  • For the grown ups
  • Sports activity with a fun factor
  • Award ceremony

This Alpine sport requires a feel for distance and speed as well as a good aim. The two-man or woman teams are drawn, helping our guests to get to know each other. The best three couples will receive a medal for their accuracy at the following award ceremony.

Tractor driving for older kids

  • Especially for children of the age of 7 or older
  • Adventure and action on the farm

Our old tractor offers hours of adventure. Together with Günter, kids can prove their driving skills in a safe environment. Master our cone course and compete with other kids.

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