Organised holiday activities for children and teenagers Children from 7 years at the children's hotel Felben

The activities programme and organised entertainment for children and teenagers at the Children’s Hotel Felben in Salzburg County makes every day of your child’s holiday and unforgettable experience shared with new friends of the same age.


  • European Children’s Hotel qualified childminders
  • Childminding from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Additional activities for children of 7 years and older
  • Trips into the nearby woods


  • Two playrooms with age-appropriate toys and facilities

  • Special attraction in the playground for this age group: rope pyramid, BMX track, climbing rocks, football pitch with goal-wall

Getting to know the great outdoors in Salzburg Country

The childminders at the Children’s Hotel Felben always endeavour to organise as many outdoor activities as possible. For example, the regular trips into the local woods with the tractor and electric golf-cars. Here the children can live out their dreams of being Robin Hood when they make their own bows and arrows and a camp fire. The children are taught about nature in a fun way and at the end of the day the kids and minders don their camouflage and ambush the hotel in the hope of receiving a valuable “ransom”. Further outdoor highlights are the trip to a nearby mountain lake for rafting trips or explorations armed with protective glasses and a geologists hammer in search of precious stones and fossils, pony rides, barbequing sausages over an open fire, the camp fire on the playground in the evenings, driving training with the tractor or building dams across a nearby stream.

In the winter flood-lit toboggan runs or exciting evening walks through the woods are regular events in the weekly activity programme. Great fun is also had when the kids get to wiz over the snow-covered meadows in a rubber dinghy.

Activities at the children's hotel Felben

Our team of childminders at the Children’s Hotel Felben have put together a varied and exciting programme of activities for children of 7 years and older:


  • Introductory golf course
  • Airgun practice and archery
  • Creative baking
  • Golf-car rides
  • An introduction to make-up
  • Handcrafts with hay and soapstone
  • Painting T-shirts
  • Pool party
  • Alcohol-free cocktail mixing course
  • Adventure games in the woods


Indoor rooms for kids and teens

There’s almost as much going on indoors as out. In addition to the other playrooms there are also two rooms that have been especially designed and are equipped to meet the needs and preferences of older children.

Activity room: table tennis, billiards, bar-football, three Sony Playstations, air-hockey table, darts (when accompanied by parents)

Chill room: comfy sofa-corner for hanging around and chatting, board and card games, large flat screen TV and party music tower with Bluetooth function, plenty of sockets for charging mobiles, WLAN

You haven’t been able to interest your kids in a family holiday until now? Then show them the Children’s Hotel Felben activity programme and send off for a non-binding holiday offer now!

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